Twenty years have passed, then the space station will be thrown into the sea

The Atlantic Ocean calls him ‘income earner’! But he does not have the ‘enthusiasm’ to orbit the earth. The light of the sun (solar power) is giving him that enthusiasm. Go.

However, today or tomorrow, the International Space Station will have to respond to that call. That is the inevitable consequence!

More than two decades were spent in space. The space created a bright history of civilization. Throw him in the Atlantic Ocean that day! After that, there will be soliloquies in the space station of the face of the international football field. In the Pacific will be his ‘peace of mind’!

4 craftsmen to build 5 house stations!

The burden of operating the space station of the 4 houses that is being burdened with NASA, the European Space Agency (ISA), the Japan Space Agency (JAXA), the Russian Space Agency (ROSCOMs) and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) on the shoulders. America (read, NASA) doesn’t want to burden that burden anymore. Nassa, who is about 5 km above the earth’s orbit, has begun preparing for a slow drive to the Moon-Mulu this time around 4,000 km. NASA will make the bar in the moon’s orbit at this time. ‘Lunar Station’. The project name is ‘Artemis’.

The construction of this giant space station began in the eighties. The goal, called airless almost zero gravity (microgravity), is to test various studies.

President Reagan gives NASA 5 years

That is on the 5th of January 26th. In his ‘State of the Union’ speech, then-US President Ronald Reagan gave 3 years to build NASA, a space station. Keeping in mind the huge cost, it is not America alone; Three other countries – Russia (then the Soviet Union), Japan and Canada will join hands to build the station. The European Space Agency ‘Isa’ will be with.

After that, a lot of water melted through all the oceans of the world. The Soviet Union collapsed. Russia became a separate country with the glory of the Kremlin. 7 of 26 November. Russian rocket ‘Zaria’ sailed into the orbit of the Earth with the orbit of the space station. The US Space Shuttle is set to depart on December 7 amid daylight.

At 28, the astronauts were the first to travel to the station

It will take at least two years to build such a great looking space station. Look. The new century has come. On November 2. The three astronauts left for a few months to conduct research at the station. Two Russians, one US. Yuri Gidzenko, Sergey Krikalev and Bill Shepherd. Go to that first space and stay that day.

But for a full-fledged research, I really want a laboratory. That made America. Name – ‘Destiny’. It was sent to the space station on February 7. ‘Destiny’ is still the ‘first and last destination’ of US space research at the International Space Station. Later on, America built their National Library in space. After the approval of the US Congress on the 21st.

Russia, America sharing space station!

The space stations are divided into two parts of the artisan country, through compromise. Russia plays a part. The other was originally run by America. But NASA also allows Isa, CSA, Zaxa to work in that area.

Since then, the International Space Station has begun to ‘flourish’. Isa built the laboratory. Whose name is ‘Columbus’. On February 7 of 25. Within a month, the Japanese laboratory was established. ‘Kibo’. March 3.

29th of November. The tenth anniversary is celebrated at the space station. At that time, there were 212 astronauts left at the space station. NASA began researching proteins in space centers from the 21st. Which is still going on

NASA’s goal now is to build the Moon and the Mulu

Gautam Chattopadhyay, senior scientist at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, says that not only proteins, but many different pathogens, including microorganisms, cancers, are spread and spread over our bodies for the last two decades. Microgravity is the ideal environment for all those studies. Where there is no atmosphere. Do not tell the strong gravity of the earth. Therefore, the International Space Station is also the ideal place for discovering various drugs.

However, in the words of Gautam, “NASA’s goal is to build a dormitory on the moon. Get the man back on the moon. Keeping people in the moon for a few days. The moon will be our best laboratory if we are to build a second colony of civilization on Mars. That’s why NASA’s goal is to get down to the moon again in a very short period of time. That’s why NASA now wants to build a lofty loft in the orbit of the moon. That’s the NASA ‘Artemis’ project. As a result, NASA is no longer willing to spend the money behind the spacecraft. ”

However, China is about to build a space center soon. ISRO also said that India’s space station will be set up within the next five years. Israel has also begun to make similar preparations.

Solar panels have always relied on the International Space Station. Rotating the earth once in an hour and a half. Orbit about 5 km above the surface.

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