Sylhet BNP save demanding rally, police baton

BNP has claimed that at least five leaders and activists were injured in a police rally in Sylhet demanding ‘Save the BNP’. The incident took place at around 2pm on Saturday in the city’s Nayarpool area.

BNP leaders who were in the procession said the four leaders of the BNP, including Sylhet City Corporation Mayor Ariful Haque, decided to resign after two committees of the Nationalist Jubo Dal were announced. In such a situation, a procession was demanded to ‘save the BNP’ due to the unrest in the grassroots of the BNP. Police stopped them when the procession reached the city’s Noirpool area. Police tried to bring down the barricades while trying to advance the procession. At least five leaders and activists were injured in the attack. Among them, Iqbal Bahar Chowdhury, former acting general secretary of Jubo Dal Sylhet district, joint convenor of the volunteer group Moududul Haque and former convenor of the BC College BC College, Badrul Azad, were admitted to the hospital.

Former Metropolitan BNP Information Technology Secretary Matiul Bari Chowdhury told First Light that the leaders and activists were preparing for a domestic meeting when the police stopped the procession. On the way to the meeting, their banners were taken away. Police broke out after a series of processions broke out after the police barricaded them. “We were marching to demand the BNP to be saved,” he said. The police do not even want to let the BNP survive. ‘

However, Selim Mia, acting officer of Sylhet Kotwali police station, claimed that the police had been stabbed and stabbed as they tried to attack the police. He told the first light that the police had stopped the process of preparing for the procession, saying it was a domestic meeting. Instead of obeying the obstacles, they attacked the police. At the end, the situation was controlled by disbanding the processionaries.

BNP sources said the convening committee of Sylhet district and metropolitan Jubo Dal was announced on November 7. Most of the seats on the two committees are alleged to be inactive in the party program. The members of the Jubo Dal were outraged, claiming that the ‘beneficiaries’ were patronized by excluding ‘activists in the movement’, demanding the release of ‘Tagi’ and BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia from the center, without informing the grassroots. That night, a party of angry leaders and activists met with Sylhet City Corporation Mayor Ariful Haque Chowdhury and threatened to resign.

In this situation, Shahriar Hossain Chowdhury, an active member of BNP politics in Sylhet and former leader of Bangladesh Medical Association (BMA) in Sylhet along with Mayor Ariful Haque, freedom fighter Abdur Razzak, co-minor secretary of the central committee, and co-chair of the central committee. . On November 7, they met with BNP central secretary Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir and went to Dhaka to submit their resignations. The Secretary-General wants some time for assurance of reconsideration of the Jubo Dal Committee without accepting their resignation.

According to party sources, since then the four leaders and their followers, including the mayor, have barred themselves from participating in party activities in Sylhet. However, for a week, their followers continued to negotiate with the grassroots leaders at various wards and upazila levels in Sylhet. Today’s procession, however, was none of these four leaders

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