Spacewake has 2 daughters in space history

Around the dense darkness. The special light on the astronaut’s dress is seen, with special handles mounted on the space station. Christina Koch and Jessica Mayer – NASA’s two amateurs are moving a little further into space.

The two daughters of the US Space Research Center NASA made history on Friday. This is the first ‘spacewalk’ women’s group. NASA did live-streaming the scene. Another woman is heard talking to the novices from the Mission Control Room. Many people want to know who he is. Later NASA tweeted, the female voice was from astronaut Stephanie Wilson. He spent 12 days in space.

Researchers repair a mechanical fault at the International Space Station, orbiting a satellite orbiting the Earth’s orbit. The astronaut’s clothes came out of the space station and went down into space to fill the apparatus. This walk in space is called the ‘spacewalk’. In the last half century there have been at least 120 such spacewalks. But all the tourists have been men or women. The change was made to the 122nd spacewalk.

Kristina and Jessica are in space on Friday at 9am local time in the Cape Canaveral. A battery charger or a part of the BCDU at the Aerospace Research Center was disrupted. This part controls how much power will go from the station’s solar panel to the battery unit. It took at least five hours for the two to fill up the discomfort. Earlier, the unit was repaired with the help of a ‘robotic arm’. But at this point where the error was detected, it could not be recovered with a device.

Last week, Christina and a male colleague installed a new battery in the unit. But some more changes were needed. That’s when NASA decided that the pre-planned spacewalk would take place on Friday. Right now, the space station will have four male scientists inside the center. Two women will spacewalk throughout the battery charger unit. This is Christina’s fourth spacewalk, and Jessica’s first.

NASA had planned a seven-month spacewalk seven months ago. They even announced. Newsletters also appeared in the newspaper titled ‘First All-Woman Spacewalk’ – Christina Koch and Ann McLane starring in ‘Women’s History Month’. But NASA’s announcement, however, would not be possible after that. Because women wear less clothing. Both require ‘medium’ sized clothing. At that time, Hillary Clinton tweeted, “Then get dressed.” The former First Lady and Democrat leader has spoken to NASA. They have made dresses suitable for female novices.

The spacewalk has been 120 times before. More than 5 people have gone into space. But the number of women is only 5. Why? The spacewalk has been around for half a century. Why did this first woman-team spacewalk for so many years? Experts say men and women have a tendency to sweat. Men sweat more than any healthy woman. The space has ventilation and cooling system to keep the body cool of space. These garments are tailored for men’s bodies. So the woman’s clothing was low. And that is a seven-month delay.

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