Know what to do right away when you lose your phone

Android PhoneOne’s Android phone can be lost by hooting. There are some quick decisions to protect the valuable information contained on Android smartphones. Otherwise, the smartphone can be harassed if it falls into the hands of a rogue. So if you lose or steal a smartphone, you can search it and get help from Google. Find out what to do with losing a phone:

Find Google Find My Phone from any other smartphone or PC.

Sign in with your Google Account Whoever loses the phone must sign in with the Google account used on the phone.

Google will tell you the latest location of your device.
If your phone’s location is detected, you can call it remotely. For this, click on the Play sound option. If the phone is in Silent or Vibrate mode, it will sound for 5 minutes in full volume. However, if the phone is stolen, you can lock the phone remotely without sound.

To lock the phone

If you want to lock a lost phone remotely, you must go to from another phone at the beginning. It will need to sign in with the Google account used on the lost phone.

If you are using more than one device, you must select the device that is lost. If you have multiple profiles, you must sign in using the original profile.

You can find the device’s latest location even if it is not found.

Here you will find the option to lock the phone by clicking the Enable lock & erase option. If you want, you can lock your preferred password, pattern on the phone. You can show messages or phone numbers on the lock screen.

Deleting will erase all the data on your device. But will not delete SD card data. However, the Find My Device option will no longer work if you delete the data.

Remember, the Find my phone option will only work if the phone is turned on and the internet connection is on. So those who lose their Hutahat phone, they will be logged in with a Google account and will be subject to internet connection. Keep Location and Find My Device options on

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