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Prime Minister’s Advisor on Information Technology Sajeeb Wazed Joy has said he is now emphasizing Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT) and Robotics to produce the IT sector.

He explained this within a discussion on’Digital Future on Youth Development’organized by CRI at Hotel Radisson on Tuesday afternoon.

Sajeeb Wazed Joy said, Robotics, IoT and AI training is being arranged from the LICT project of the ICT department of the federal government so your young individuals of Bangladesh can gain specialized knowledge in the latest technology.

“We’ve given special importance for them now,” he said. If we have working out and research facilities on these issues, we shall move from other countries when it comes to exports. These exact things are new, not to expert. When we do our own research, we have the potential in these sectors. The Prime Minister also advised the Prime Minister to produce a cyber security expert in the country.

Explaining the target to be self-reliant in technology, Sajeeb Wazed Joy said, “I’m emphasizing AI, Robotics, Microprocessor design and will cooperate in the long run.” He explained more allocations will be given to the youths to create them efficiently.

Sajeeb Wazed Joy stated that wifi zones are increasingly being produced in all of the schools and colleges of the country under a fresh project called Digital Communication Establishment. He favored taking more of the IT sector training out of Dhaka.

Training of youths in the united states will undoubtedly be given: Sajeeb Wazed Joy stated that working out program of youth on information and technology is not just concentrated in Dhaka, this training program will be taken throughout the country. Youth will undoubtedly be trained through the country. He explained that every year the income of the federal government is increasing, the allocation for training and research of young people will undoubtedly be increased.

Giving an answer to the question of the participants, he said that ICT training will undoubtedly be carried out outside Dhaka. Such events may also be held outside Dhaka. How to become a freelancer may also be trained. Joy, who never went to school, has fallen; Different skill development training programs will be taken for them. It’s difficult for anyone to obtain employment with education. Therefore, the project will be taken for individuals who are out of education.

He explained everything are new. We don’t have much expertise. When we do our own research, we have the potential in these sectors. The systems we use are foreign. Through long-term cooperation, initiatives will be taken so as never to depend on foreigners.

Commenting on the fact I’m pleased with today’s youth, Sajeeb Wazed Joy said, “They have come forward today to create their country, not to obtain their on the job the government.”

“We are able to, our youth can,” he said. They are moving the country and the individuals of the country in their initiative. At the ceremony, Sajeeb Wazed heard from the youth about their applying for grants the country. He also answered some questions of the youth.

Giving an answer to a query that no development activities are still single-urban, Sajeeb Wazed said, “We are attaining the fiber optical line to spread the Internet at every union level in the country.”

So far it’s reached two and a half thousand unions. He also stated that government training on startup creation, innovation and entrepreneurship will undoubtedly be organized from in the united states within a few days. He explained the federal government can also be working on setting up a Wi-Fi zone in every schools to provide online sites to the students.

Sajeeb Wazed told parents of young people in the current, “Teach your youngster to stand on his own feet.” At age 20, no you have a baby or perhaps a baby.

But in my country, a 20-year-old cannot make a decision on his own. He can’t even open a bank account. Then as time goes on when they will stand on their feet! Question them to work by themselves initiative, not referring to jobs. Let them make mistakes. Since the lesson we study on our own mistakes, we don’t easily forget.

Appreciating the initiatives taken by the youth present at the time, Sajeeb Wazed stated that just thinking about BCS is just a selfish thought. Office from morning to afternoon. Being good along with your family. Then the pension.

But invest the the initiative yourself without looking at the federal government, it can provide employment for a lot more people. Their state receives income tax from your income. State income will undoubtedly be earned from the income of employees employed in your organization. Their state may use that income for the individuals of the country. So work by yourself initiative. Open your own company.

Special Assistant Barrister Shah Ali Farhad, PM’s Special Assistant, was present at the function.

Besides, the winners of the last 3 x Joy Bangla Youth Award, District Co-ordinator of Young Bangla, Campus Ambassador and Student to Startup were also present.

‘Cash’account in one minute: Prime Minister Information and Communication Technology Advisor Sajeeb Wazed Joy inaugurated the account opening in just 1 minute at’Cash ‘, a digital transaction service of the Bangladesh Postal Department. He inaugurated the service at a postal and telecommunication department at the Secretariat on Tuesday morning.

To help make the financial services sector easier and safer for the individuals of Bangladesh, the account will undoubtedly be opened by connecting Digital Cash Service’Cash’with’Identity’application in Bangladesh Postal Department. First 5 days to spot the national identity card of any mobile account

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