Gaganayana Indian astronauts ‘life support system’ to Russia

Russia extended more support to the first Indian mission to send people to space. The Russian space agency ‘Rascoms’ will provide air, water, and food for the astronauts to survive for astronauts, called zero gravity in an atmosphere without atmosphere. In terms of information technology, it is called ‘life support system’. Earlier, it was informed by Russia that they were ready to train Indian astronauts on how to safely spend hours after hours in a spaceless atmosphere.

An agreement was signed last week at the Human Space Flight Center (HSFC), set up in Bengaluru, for Isor’s ‘Gaganyan’ project. The agreement was signed by Unnikrishnan Nayar, head of HSFC and Dmitry Loskutov, director-general of Glavocsoms, a subsidiary of Roskosmos.

According to a statement from the Russian Space Information Technology Agency, they will supply two important equipment to ISRO in the ‘Gaganjan’ mission of Tk.

One of those tools, the ‘Life Support System’ in space. The life support system will give astronauts whatever they need to survive. Will give breathing air, water, food. This life support system will also ensure that astronauts can maintain their body’s normal temperature, even while cooling the bones of space. Astronauts’ day-to-day collection and conversion will also be another function of that system.

The Russian space company will also provide all the latest information technology equipment for the spacecraft’s heat control system. Which will keep the spacecraft’s temperature within a desired range from start to finish. So that no part of the spacecraft is destroyed or inactive at extreme temperatures.

Russia has been ahead of other countries in the field of information technology and equipment since it began preparing to send people to space for more than six decades. Since the Indian Prime Minister has already announced that India will send people to space in 2022, ISRO does not want to spend any time in inventing the latest technology and equipment.

In that case, the friend of ISRO is about to become a Russian.

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