Firefox is the way to stay safe

New version of Mozilla Firefox has added tracking protection. That means that someone on the web will be blocked from following you. And any website that has tried to track you in the past week, but could not due to Firefox interruptions, will appear in the report form. To view the report, follow the steps below:

If you have not updated to version 7 of Firefox then install it.

Click the Shield icon on the left of the web address where the web browser is located. If Firefox does not detect a tracker, the icon will appear gray. And the tracker will be purple in color.

The blocked section will show the websites you are trying to track. Clicking on any of the headings will give you detailed reports.

Selecting Protection Settings at the bottom will get different options. Determine how Firefox protects you from the tracker.

And if you want to see the report for different days of the week, click on the Show Report button below. Source: Senate

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