Data Science Learn why?

Big organizations around the world are now creating a lot of information. Organizations want to analyze and use this information. As a result, the demand for specialist staff in data science in the country is increasing tremendously. The data science freelance job market in the world is also getting bigger.

Data science is basically a field of several sectors, in which the necessary knowledge and useful insights are available from structural and non-structured data using scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems.

Experts say, the era of data science is now. Data science has become one of the most discussed words in the job market over the years. According to one statistic, data is generated on the internet every day in the world at 2.5 quintillion bytes. In the year 2002, only the United States produced the majority of global data. In 2012, the global data volume was 2.75 gigabytes, which is expected to increase by four times by 2021. From this, it is clear that in the modern era, all organizations want to analyze the information they create and look for the necessary insights and try to exploit them in the future.

According to a Forbes report, LinkedIn, the fastest-growing job in the United States, is the data science and machine learning (ML), a professional communications website. As in the United States, the search for specialist staff in data science is now taking place across the globe. The job market for data science, like GoldRush, is growing.

There is a demand for data experts in our country too. From the banking sector of the country, there is a demand for data-related people in the required sectors like the power sector. Some of the startups are developing data analytics in the country. According to the Global Skills Benchmarking or Skills Assessment Report, the online learning platform Corsair, Bangladesh is ranked in the data science index among the 3 countries in the world. Bangladesh is behind Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Nigeria. India is ranked 5th in the list. At the top of the list are Israel, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria.

Courses have taken into account the rate of adoption of the skills that are most demanding at present in making their index. According to the Corsair report, Bangladesh is doing well in the field of operating systems, software engineering in terms of technical efficiency. Besides, skills in mathematics, statistics, machine learning are also upwards.

There are more than one lakh data science jobs in countries like India. Many young professionals are now seeking a data science degree to improve their careers. Many people are turning to data science as the demand for professional workers in the data sector is increasing.

Technology analysts predict that by 2020, job opportunities in the technology sector are expected to increase by 12 percent. This will open the door to more new jobs in front of the IT sector professionals. Data scientists have become important in the rise of Big Data and Machine Learning. Companies are spending more in this sector now. As a result, experienced people in data science are getting four times as much salary as other jobs.

Technology analysts predict that demand for machine learning and data analytics will continue to grow and will bring about major changes in the technology industry. So any skills in analytics will put the worker ahead.

The main reason for the increase in demand in the field of data science is that there are many job opportunities beyond the traditional work. For example, sites like Netflix have that kind of data science-based job. Data Engineer, Quantitative Analyst, ML Scientist etc. In addition, the organization has the opportunity to help with data in other areas.

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