Chhatra League Eats Chhatra League: Chhatra League leader

A clash took place between two groups of Chhatra League activists at an Eden College residence hall. At this time, a Chhatra League leader’s hand was cut off by another leader’s hand. Several people were also injured in the incident. The incident took place on Saturday morning at Bangamata Sheikh Fazilatunnesa Mujib.

The accused was identified as Mahbuba Nasreen Rupa. He is the joint convenor of the college branch. The victim and the victim’s name are Taikanna of Sabikunnahar. He is a member of the Eden College Branch Chhatra League convening committee.

The leader of the Chhatra League, who had a rash on Saturday night, wrote on his Facebook, “The crow or the crow doesn’t eat the meat of the crow.” But the BCL eats meat. Repeatedly proved ‘.

Many have commented on his status. One wrote in the comment room, “Co-operative extortionist and Co-op eats Bangabandhu Chhatra League”.

In fact, Nabila, an outsider, lived in room 28 of Fazilatunnesa Hall, Bangamata of Eden College. There was a problem for a long time about keeping him.

On Saturday, his followers, led by Joint convener of the Eden College Branch Chhatra League, Anjumanara, told him that Nabila had to leave room 21 and threaten her.

One of such followers was Tamanna of Sabikunnahar. During that time, the conversation between them was cut. Upon receiving the news, the joint convenor of the BCL rupa rushed to room no.

When Rupa gets there, a dispute arises between them. At one point of the conversation, silver struck Sabikun Tamanna with a knife. The other side later attacked the group’s workers.

In this case, external Nabil was handed over to the Lalbagh Police Station through the administration. Meanwhile, the silver room was vandalized in the center of the incident, and there were allegations that he was killed and kicked out of the hall.

Source: The Daily Campus

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