Let’s not increase WiFi security, otherwise hackers will take away all your information.

Today I will talk to you about how you can increase the security of your WiFi or wireless router. And what can happen if you don’t grow up … So let’s start: suppose you went to a coffee shop to chat with some friends.

How to hack wifi and get free wifi techrunes

There’s a wifi. You made fun of Facebook, watched videos, gave coc attacks, logged in to email. Very fun to go home. It was a nice night’s sleep. But in the morning there was thunder. You see that you can no longer access your Facebook, email, coc. Everything is accessing the ground. Do you know who I call ghost ?? These are hackers (real ghosts). Know where the problem was ??? ঐ On the coffeeshop owner’s WiFi. He did not use any security.

Just like you used the opportunity to continue on Facebook, hackers also used that opportunity to steal all the data on your mobile or laptop. Ha ha ha… who will blame you? To the hotel owner ?? He is the keeper of the account in his shop. When you think about giving you security. You have to be careful yourself. So be careful today.

Avoid connecting easily to a network without a trusted network. Because no matter what network you are connected to. ঐ The network owner can control all your data if it is exported. That said, a coffee shop, hackers can easily steal data from your home network if you want. One of my friends can access all the computers that his or her broadband owner has given on the LAN connection. Then understand the situation. So you have to be careful today.

You can easily remove these ghosts (hackers) from your home network by taking just 5 steps.

Let’s know before that,

What is a home wireless network?
To say the least, a home wireless network is a network that connects to an Internet access point, connects to a router via a cable provided by a service provider, and can connect to many devices faster. Notice the image below.

How to hack wifi and get free wifi techrunes

But if you do not provide some security and privacy for this home network, then Cyber ​​Criminal aka Ghost can take all your data without breaking your WiFi network. Can destroy your important data.

We usually consider ourselves safe without changing the WiFi password. But this is a very complex risk. Because online criminals do not borrow your password. They try to understand or try to guess how vulnerable your WiFi security is. Once you understand that device through you or under your device, you can handle various malicious attacks such as man in the middle attack, network sniffing and data theft.

Let’s take a look at the 5 ways you can avoid the attacks of hackers or ghosts by increasing your WiFi security:
2. Change the name of your home wireless network:

The first thing you need to change is the name of your WiFi which we know as ssid (service set identifier). Never use names that force hackers to hack your network. For example, suppose you name it “not hack this”. That means you indirectly challenged hackers. And hackers will try to break it down anyway. So you could use the name “this is not a wifi” or “Too fly for a wifi”

It is important to change the name so that the hacker may not realize at first glance that you are using a brand router. Because they already know what kind of vulnerabilities a market router has. And accordingly he manages the attack.

One thing to keep in mind though, is that you never use wifi’s name like sorol wifi. It is your network without first understanding it. Because they will take some of the data from your neighborhood that you can get hacked. So of course use another name so that no one can easily understand whose network it is.

2. Powerful and unique password selection:

A good quality password should use 25 characters. And of course the password will be in combination with some letters + numbers + symbols. Your friends might laugh at you for seeing such a big password. But remember that security is far more valuable than ridicule.

2. Enhance WiFi Security with Encryption:

The wireless network has some encryption languages ​​such as Wep, wpa, wpa2 and so on. Wep was first developed in 5. So it’s currently easy to crack. And wpa2 has several variants. One of these is TKIP, but this is the old encryption method that was first used as wpa. So it’s not safe. But another one is the aes (advanced encryption standard) that is also used in government offices in various countries, including the United States. So the best encryption method is wpa2 aes, so you can use this method.

2. When you are not at home, make the Wallace Network DISABLE:

You think you’re not at home. Meanwhile WiFi is on. In this opportunity, hackers can get a great deal of time to practice their hacking. And if your router breaks the security somehow, then your status will be kerosene. It was recently emailed to me from WordFence Security that around 5,000 websites were hacked through router hacking in the Philippines. You realize how awful that thing is.

2. Where to put a router in your home?

I know you never thought about where to put your security again. But the security of your router depends on where you are located.

Try to keep your router in the middle of your home as much as possible. Because, the first benefit is that you can run your wifi very well from every house. And the unique advantage is that your router’s signal range will not go far from where a hacker can handle his hacking activities. So never put your router next to your window. This may damage your security.

2. Choosing a Strong Administrator Password:

You bought a router from the market that the default password is known today by kids. So you must change your router’s password. Most WiFi routers have the default user name and password as admin, admin. So it doesn’t take a hacker any time to break this password.

And if you change the user name and password of this network admin then it will be very difficult for cybercriminals attacking your WiFi.

3.Disable remote access:

Most routers also allow that only the device’s connected interface can access the device. But there are some routers that also remotely access the system.

So when you disable remote access, cyber criminals will not be able to handle hacking attacks from outside without connecting to your wifi network. Find out how to enable or enable it by searching Google.

2. Regularly update your router’s software:

The router also has firmware. Like other software, the router has firmware and some errors or weaknesses. Therefore, router companies occasionally update their firmware with new firmware to eliminate those vulnerabilities. So by typing firmware on your router, search Google and see if any new firmware has been released on your router. Of course you need to type in your router and search. And download from the official site.

2. A firewall can keep your wifi network safe:

We think that firewalls are only used on computers. In fact, firewall is also used in many hardware cases. This firewall is built in with the router. So using a firewall, your system is completely safe. If your device does not have a firewall built in, install a good firewall device.

3. Keep the devices you connect to WiFi frequently:

Keep enough security software and antivirus on the device you use such as computer or mobile. If online criminals do not get control of your network through your mobile. I recommend that you use any of the premium online security software.

I have talked a lot today. Hopefully, following the tips given, you will not fall victim to hacking so easily. I could not elaborate much. I gave hints. Learn from Google. My purpose was just to warn you and tell you the way. I’ve done that. So, like today, I am leaving. Lastly, stay well, stay healthy, love technology and stay with technology.

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